Hi Y’all,


My name is Daniël Sudmeier, and I was the president of ESN the Netherlands in 2016-2017. In this position it was my duty to watch over the national network and see to it that you all have the best environment to perform and give the exchange students the best experience of their lifetime.

I have just graduated in Business Economics and started in September at KPMG, an audit firm. This will take an high toll on my time in combination with ESN, but I am confident everything will work out in the end!


Furthermore I really like to make music and play together with people. I play lead guitar in a band called Boundless and play bass in a couple of bands.

ESN the Netherlands has a saying: “Work hard, play hard”. This applies to me fully, I can really enjoy a good party as you will all see this year! But when we have to work I will be there as well. It is important to know where your responsibilities are.


In ESN this year it was my task to lead the board and chair the meetings we have together. I will write the policy plan and year report, besides that I am there for the board to help out and advise them.


Besides my official tasks I have some portfolios. This year I was responsible for Training, Intersection Meeting and Alumni. I picked these because they suit my personality very well. I am convinced that when you have an intrinsic motivation you will work harder to achieve the goals you set. On the portfolios you will hear a lot the coming year.


I really look forward to meet you all and work hard and play hard together!


Daniel Sudmeier