‘A short-cut is the longest distance between two points.’

Hello everyone,

My name is Marinos and I will be the Partnerships Manager for ESN The Netherlands for 2019/2020.

I have always been very internationally minded, chasing every opportunity I could get to travel and expand my mental boundaries. This passion of mine eventually led me down the path of multiple student exchange programs in countries such as Spain, France, and Denmark just to name a few.  

However, I was nowhere near being done. As soon as I started my university life in Amsterdam my first instinct was to chase down every opportunity that was available to challenge myself and to get in touch with more Internationals, becoming a member of the cultural committee of my local ESN section. Eventually, I became the president of my local section ESN VU Amsterdam and a member of the National Activities committee of ESN NL. This long journey of self-improvement has led me to the next step for me as a person and being an active part of this network has made me understand the importance of it.

As a Partnerships Manager, it is my responsibility to represent the local sections, when it comes to national partners while also ensuring that the interest of all international students is taken into account. Moreover, together with Laurie and the National Activities committee, we will ensure that our National events will continue to be epic.