Hello everyone!
I am Jorinde, the National Partnership Manager of ESN NL 2017/2018. 
I am originally a member of ISN Maastricht, where I joined several committees for 2 years. Throughout this years I fell in love with the ESN spirit, I love spontanious and open people, and enjoy getting to know new cultures, ideas, philosophies and rejecting and acknoledging stereotypes. In my third year of my BSc International Business, I spend a semester in Madrid, on my Erasmus Exchange. Where I fell in love with the Spanish way of living, including the food, drinks, and music. 
Currently I live in Rotterdam, where I work in the startup business. I am learning about innovation across the world and work with several international companies and startups on a daily basis. For ESN, I focus on maintaining a healthy and strong relationship with all our commercial partners. I believe partnerships should be mutually beneficial, and help our international students and local board members throughout the Netherlands. 
Further more I am responsible for an Innovation project with ESN the Netherlands: Innov8. This project aims to innovate (who would have guessed) and improve the structure of our amazing network. Next to that, I am in charge of an active Business and Finance Community in the Netherlands, and I am responsible for our National Activities (check out our Kingsday event and Berlin trip). 
Contacting me is easily done via partnerships@esn-nl.org