Utrecht, 25 August 2020 - Youth unemployment is rising, while helping young professionals to get and keep the job is an essential part to stimulate economic growth and improve the conditions of living. Especially with the current COVID-19 crisis, more young people are getting unemployed. Where the unemployment rate of young people was 6.4 % in January 2020, it rose to 10.7 % in April 2020. 

It is not only the COVID-19 crisis that is complicating graduates to find a job, it is also the transition from university to work. As graduates, many young people do not have enough working experience, which makes them less attractive to the job market. “Nowadays, a lot of jobs require a lot of experience or some knowledge that they do not have yet. And what is lacking is the information during your education that you should be working on it”, says Imke Greven, President of ESN The Netherlands. Myrthe van der Reek, CEO for One Month of The Adecco Group The Netherlands adds “The skills that you learn at university are very valuable, but so different from what you need when you are in a company”.

In this video, Imke gets interviewed by Myrthe. Both young professionals share the same ambition: keep learning and developing themselves, and help other young professionals to do the same. They believe it is important for young people to go out there, and find opportunities that help them to get ready for the labour market in order to bridge the gap between university and the labour market.

But what do you need as a young professional to get ready? Where can you find those opportunities? And how can organizations as ESN and The Adecco Group help you to further develop yourself?

Watch the video to get inspired by their stories!