From the 31st of October to the 3th of November, the Western European Platform (also known as WEP) was organized by ESN Utrecht.

During this weekend, the 7 Western European countries came together to get more information about the network, workshops on different topics that helped to enhance their skills and where best practices were shared amongst each other. In addition, guests from Jordan joined in order to see how the meetings are done within ESN.

The meeting was kicked off on Thursday the 31st of October, in which the international Communication Manager Sabina gave an introduction speech to welcome all the Western European ESN'ers to Utrecht. Afterwards, the founding mother of ESN, Desirée Majoor gave a speech on how ESN was found. This was especially interesting, as 30 years ago, ESN was found in Utrecht. Participants also had the time to ask questions regarding her Erasmus- and ESN experience. Afterwards, the participants went for traditional Dutch pancakes, followed by a fun night with a pub quiz or board games.

On friday, the plenaries started. During the plenaries, different topics were covered and the participants followed several workshops. After a long day, full of new information and insights, the participants prepared for the international dinner. Each country brought typical food, snacks and drinks.

On saturday, the plenaires continued with new topics to be covered and workshops to be followed. After the plenaries, everyone went to the hostel to put on her best dress or his nicest suit for the gala, which was organized to celebrate the 30th birthday of ESN.

On sunday, the plenaries continued with small sessions. At 12.00, it was time to thank the Content Team and Organizing Committee for all their hard work, help and organization of this big event.

All by all, we look back on a very informative weekend in which we learned a lot from the plenaries and workshops, but also from each other!