We hereby launch the open call for Secretary/Vice President. As Secretary/Vice President you are one of the board members of ESN the Netherlands. In this position you are primarily responsible for everything related to communication, which entails among other things ensuring all incoming email is dealt with adequately, sending out the bi-weekly newsletter to the member sections of ESN the Netherlands, and taking minutes during the board meetings. 
In addition to that, as Vice President you will work closely together with the President. You will step in to monitor the President’s tasks should the president be unable to do so and to support him or her when needed. 
Lastly, you will complement your core tasks with a portfolio. A portion of the board tasks is divided into these portfolio’s which all cover one specific theme and within the board these are distributed according to personal preference. 
Often National Board members have previous experience as a board member of a local ESN section, but for this specific position previous ESN experience is no prerequisite and newbies are welcome to apply as well. 

Your advantages: 

•    Support local sections and local board members 
•    Obtain insight into the various ESN sections 
•    Work together in a small team of highly motivated board members 
•    Choose your additional portfolio’s (in agreement with your fellow board members)
•    Develop and improve highly valued skills:  
     o    Presentation 
     o    Critical thinking 
     o    Understanding of organizations 
     o    (Written) English 
     o    Time management 
•    ESN related benefits 
     o    Stay updated on the developments within ESN  
     o    Attend international ESN events 
     o    Become acquainted with other National ESN board members 
•    Invest in your personal development within an internationally acknowledged organization 

Application procedure

Please send the following documents to secretary@esn-nl.org before November 29th 23.59 CET:
•    Curriculum Vitae
•    A motivation letter 
•    A (short) letter of recommendation/ letter of support from your local section (if applicable)
If you have any questions regarding the application procedure or anything else, please do not 
hesitate to contact us via info@esn-nl.org or approach one of the board members personally. 

Kind regards,

The National Board 2015-2016

NOTE: You will be part of a staggered board. Your one-year-mandate and that of the National Representative will start in April 2016, while the other four positions are scheduled to start in June 2016.