The #ErasmusDays 2020 are coming up! Are you joining us? 

The #ErasmusDays is the annual celebration of the Erasmus+ program, and this year we are celebrating the 4th edition of the #ErasmusDays. It is an initiative from the French National Agency, the agency which coordinates the Erasmus+ program. 

15, 16 and 17 October we will showcase Europe and beyond the European values, mobility’s benefits, intercultural exchange and the Erasmus+ program results. The goal of this year’s #ErasmusDays is to strengthen and reshape trust towards the Erasmus+ programme. Due to the global pandemic, mobility programmes are heavily affected, and this is the moment to show the importance of Erasmus+ programmes and why every student should participate in a mobility programme. Furthermore, the #ErasmusDays will also focus on social inclusion, distance learning, solidarity and internationalization.

During the last edition of the #ErasmusDays, almost 4000 events in 53 different countries were organized. The #ErasmusDays are for everyone interested to go on exchange, students that are currently on exchange, Alumni and other interested stakeholders. 

What is the Erasmus+ Programme? 

Erasmus+ is THE EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The most well-known initiative of this is, of course, the student exchange programme which was established in 1987(!). The programme aims to foster cultural, social and academic exchanges between students in the Erasmus+ Programme countries and Partner Countries. In the past 30+ years, approximately 9 million people participated in any mobility, traineeship or youth exchange programme. 

In 2021, a new Erasmus programme will be adopted, which will be more inclusive, more sustainable, more digital and more international and. With the new programme, more students varying from different backgrounds (VET, Youth and Sport) will be able to participate in mobility programmes. 

Erasmus+ and ESN

The Erasmus Student Network and the Erasmus+ programme are inherently connected. Since the establishment of the programme in 1987, students are looking for a social connection, cultural exchange and integration abroad. Two years after, the Erasmus Student Network was born, and in the last 31 years, it has spread over Europe. Nowadays, the ESN is present in 42 countries and has over 530 local associations which help international students to integrate, represent the interests of the international students, and make them feel at home in their new country. Find your local ESN-section at We hope to welcome you to the Erasmus Generation.

How can you participate in the #ErasmusDays2020?

During the #ErasmusDays various National Agencies, ESN sections, Youth Organizations and other Institutions are organizing blended events which will celebrate and promote the Erasmus+ programme. If you want to check out which events will be organized in your area, check out the hashtags #ErasmusDays or #ErasmusPlus on the social media channels. Or, visit and check the list with all the activities that are organized throughout Europe! 

Do you want to organize an activity yourself? 

The #ErasmusDays are open to everyone to organize an activity! Whether you write a blog about your Erasmus experience, you host a Q&A live on Instagram, or you challenge your Erasmus family to share their best memories – everything is possible! Get inspired by previous editions or other activities on the website of the #ErasmusDays. Also, don’t forget to submit your activity (before October 14 at noon) on the website as well, and maybe your National Agency will feature your activity on their social media channels!