National Delegate & Vice- National Delegate 


Supervisory & Audit Committee

ESN the Netherlands has a Supervisory & Audit Committee. The task of the committee is to supervise the National Board on behalf of the members. The committee does so by evaluating and auditing the National Board before the second and third NP. The findings of the evaluation are presented during the second and third NP.

National Activity Committee

This committee is in charge of organizing the three national event of ESN the Netherlands. These are events that are accessible to all international students and active members of the seventeen Dutch ESN sections and the ESN Candidate Section. 


Training Committee

This committee arranges trainings for all local board members to obtain soft skills. These trainings can take place during function specific meetings, general meetings or specific training events. For this purpose, ESN the Netherlands is always interested in skilled, professional trainers who would like to contribute.

If you are intrested in joining the Training Committee, please send an email to


PR Committee

The PR Committee is responsible for all PR and Marketing related matters regarding ESN the Netherlands. This entails, among other things, maintaining regular activity on the social media channels, arranging ESN the Netherlands merchandise, guiding the local PR coordinators (e.g. by organising a function specific meeting) and potentially being in contact with external parties for promotion.

Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee is responsible for keeping the contact information of the alumni updated and providing the alumni with periodical updates on ESN, but these tasks could be expanded if so desired by the committee members (e.g. to include the organisation of an alumni event as well). Unfortunately, in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 there have been no applications for this committee, which means that Carlijn Verhagen (National Board member) is currently the sole responsible for the alumni. If you are interested in joining this committee and supporting Daniel in this task we highly encourage you to send an email to

Culture Coordinator

Social Inclusion Coordinator