National Board

Do you want to become the next National Board of ESN The Netherlands?

Hi there,

My name is Annelot and I am the President of ESN The Netherlands for 2021/2022. I am from Amsterdam and moved to Utrecht five years ago when I started my Bachelor Economics and Business Economics at the Utrecht University. During the final year of my Bachelor, I went on exchange to Santa Barbara (UCSB). After I came back, I decided to join ESN to give international students in the Netherlands the same amazing experience as I had in the US.

The past academic year I worked full- time as the Partnership Manager of ESN Utrecht. This year, I will finish my Master’s in Banking and Finance while working with an incredible team to create a home away from home for all of you! By supporting all our amazing sections, we will try to make your stay in the Netherlands as great as possible.

As President, I will be managing the National Board, supporting the Presidents of the local Dutch ESN sections, and making sure our policy plan and three-year strategy are followed during the year. Furthermore, together with Shari, I will be representing ESN NL during General Assemblies of ESN International. This means that when we come together with all 42 countries, we will be representing the ESN community of the Netherlands!

I hope that you will have an unforgettable and amazing experience in the Netherlands with the help of your local ESN section. Enjoy all the Netherlands has to offer; Eat a kaassoufle, dance the polonaise and make new friends at the many ‘gezellige’ ESN events!

My name is Charlotte and I am the Vice-President of ESN The Netherlands this year. I am 23 years old and I’m originally from a small city in the east of the Netherlands called Groenlo. However, I moved to Utrecht in 2017 to study History at Utrecht University. In 2021/2022 I will finish my bachelor with a specialization in International Relations in Historical Perspective.


I started volunteering for ESN Utrecht in 2018. I immediately loved the atmosphere within ESN and decided I wanted to keep volunteering after my exchange. The next year I went on exchange to Boston, Massachusetts and when I got back, I applied for a local board position. Last year I have been the Secretary in the full-time board of ESN Utrecht. This year, I’m the Vice-President of ESN NL. I want to make our community stronger and show all of you what ESN has to offer. I am responsible for organising our national events, like the Summer Introduction Meeting, the National Platforms and Physical Community Meetings. I don’t do this alone, but together with the Organising Committees and the Chairing Teams. I will send you the agendas and all other relevant information. Next to that I will focus on Section Care, I will be following the progress of each section and help wherever is needed.

Hey Everyone!


I am Bora Fidan, 24 years old, and I am the Treasurer for this year! Next to ESN, I study and work at the University of Amsterdam. And as some of you can already guess, I have a Turkish name (2 Turkish parents)

, but I was born and raised in Amersfoort! So you might hear me speak more than just English when you see me. 


My ESN journey started after my return from my exchange in Montreal, and like many of you, I wanted to stay in the international student setting! Luckily, I received an email from ESN Amsterdam to become a coach for incoming Erasmus students! Later I also joined the Partnerships Committee in ESN Amsterdam, and eventually, I decided to apply for the board of ESN Amsterdam. Having enjoyed the local board year so much, filled with plenty of interesting experiences even during Covid times, I applied to the National Board to continue the ESN journey.  And now I’m here to support the network as the National Treasurer!


As Treasurer, I am responsible for the finances of ESN NL. I make the yearly budget and financial report, pay invoices, bookkeeping, and talk with other board members about where the ESN NL funds should be spent. For the local boards, I am in contact with all the local treasurers to support and help them as much as I can.

You can always contact me at [email protected], or find me somewhere cycling around Amsterdam. And btw my life is just not accounting! Add me on Spotify to see what I listen to, or find me on steam/discord if you want to play some games with me!

Maybe talk to you soon! 

My name is  Shari and I am this year’s Network Manager of ESN The Netherlands. I am 21 years old and was born and raised in Germany even though I am actually half Spanish. After taking a gap year in the US, I moved to the Netherlands in 2018 to start studying Psychology at Leiden University. Currently I am doing a research master in Clinical and Health Psychology and work as a research intern on two cognitive neuroscience research projects. Whenever I am not at the library or working with ESN, I love to do Zumba, bike to the beach with my friends or have a BBQ in front of our student house.


As an international student, ESN Leiden’s events have been the place where I have met most of my friends which is why I was very involved in various committees. After my Erasmus was cancelled due to Covid last year, I joined the board of ESN Leiden as Activities Officer and Vice President. My favorite part of this year however was that I was introduced to ESN as an (inter) national network and got to take part in the amazing national events and meetings with other local board members.


As Network Manager, I will update sections about ESN International matters, coordinate the Activity Officer Community, be responsible for the ESN Wiki and Galaxy and organize the Council of Local Representatives. Moreover, together with our President Annelot and Vice-President Charlotte, I will coordinate the International and National Network Committee.

This year I would like to focus on further implementation of ESN causes, increasing enthusiasm and involvement in ESN international level among local sections and promote local sections event cooperation! I am excited for the upcoming months!

Hello ESNers,


My name is Andreea and I am the 2021/ 2022 National Communication Manager. I am originally from Romania, where I spent my entire life until I came to the Netherlands to start my Bachelor degree in Business and Economics 4 years ago. Currently, I am doing a Master in Data Science and Marketing Analytics at Erasmus University. In Highschool I was involved in various Erasmus+ programs, when I had the opportunity to visit several countries one of them being Sweden and I completely fell in love with travelling and being considered an international! Thus, throughout my Bachelors I always felt a strong pull towards ESN and their events that I finally applied and became the Marketing Manager of ESN Rotterdam 2020/ 2021. Last February I decided that my journey with ESN is not over yet so I applied for the Communication Manager position and I could not be more excited to be part of this amazing community for one more year. What makes me proud of being an ESNer is the community: the open-mindedness, the students helping students mentality, the love and warmth that internationals give to other internationals, and the opportunity to grow and apply my skills to our organization. 


As Communication Manager, I will be working on the social media channels of ESN The Netherlands utilizing various content that relates to many aspects of our network, make sure all the Dutch sections are VIM compliant and that together, we build a strong brand. Throughout the year, you can contact me for everything regarding the field of Marketing/Communication via [email protected].

I want to wish you all a great year. I hope you will all develop yourself in a professional way, learn more about yourself, gain new skills, but most of all, have fun and make unforgettable memories. I am looking forward to meeting you all in person, and rock this year together!

Hello everyone!


My name is Rik, and I am the Education Officer of ESN The Netherlands for 2021/2022!

I am born and raised in the beautiful city of Culemborg, but now living in Maastricht!


Since I was young, I became fascinated by meeting new people, exploring new countries and experiencing new cultures. This resulted in participating in youth exchange programmes in Germany, Turkey and China when I was in secondary school. During my Bachelor, I got the opportunity to do an Erasmus+ Exchange in Slovenia and an internship in Rome. I can truly say, maybe a bit of a cliche, that going abroad was one of the best decisions in my life and that it has shaped the person I am now. Upon my return, I did not want to leave the international environment, and therefore I joined my ESN section in Breda. Last year, I joined the NB already as Education Officer. As I enjoyed the work and the people so much, I decided to join another year as EO! So, one can argue that it was meant for me to be part of the Erasmus Generation.

As the Education Officer, I am responsible for all education- and youth-related matters and external representation towards stakeholders in the field of education & youth. As part of my job, I will advocate for the interests of international students towards various parties. So, that the voices of you guys are heard by our covenant- and institutional partners and that international students will have an equal chance in Dutch Higher Education!


I wish all of you an amazing time in the Netherlands! Good luck with meeting the Dutch people, exploring the Dutch culture, learning to ride a bike and trying to pronounce ‘’gezellig’’. I hope that your local ESN section is as excited as we are to welcome you to our beautiful country!

Greetings to you dear reader,

I am Barbara, your Partnership Manager of ESN The Netherlands 2021/2022. Initially from Belgrade, I grew up in Bratislava where I grew up as a “third culture kid” we might say, having been international myself since I was 12. When I turned 18, I moved to Leiden and began my Bachelor in Psychology. Having finished it with honours, alongside doing a part-time local ESN Leiden board as a Partnership Manager, I immediately began my Master of Science in Clinical Psychology.


ESN Leiden was an incredible time which gave me a lot of opportunity to help new incoming students, in such a particularly trying time as was the pandemic year 2020/21. I accompanied my fellow board members in organising various online activities (which were a complete success), as well as the physical ones when COVID measures allowed it! It was a special time, especially working alongside the rest of our ESN network.

That being said, I could not get enough of ESN- as I soon after joined the National Board as the National Partnership Manager- and I cannot be happier with what this position, and this team holds! My task is to make sure our current commercial partners and network synergise through liaison; further promote various ESN clauses through establishing partners who support those; as well as be there for local Partnership Managers throughout our dutch network.

Have a great time wherever you are, and if you believe you are an internationally minded individual, do pay us a visit, and we (through any local ESN section) will make sure you have a memorable time.