Hello everybody!

My name is Carlijn Verhagen and I'm the External Relations Manager for 2017-2018. 

I have been in ESN for a couple of years and I was lucky enough to have been a volunteer in 2 different sections. I joined ISN Maastricht at the beginning of 2015 after my Erasmus in Denmark. Later that year I moved to Utrecht for my studied and joinded different committees of ESN Utrecht. I did a local board year as the Partnership Manager of ESN Utrecht in 2016-2017. In this year I got to know ESN The Netherlands really well and decided to take the next step and apply for the National Board!

As the External Relations Manager I am in charge of 2 different parts: External Communication and PR and Representation of ESN towards institutes and other organisations. In the ESN network the terms Education Officer and Communication Manager are often used two descripe these 2 fields. I am in charge of all external communication, through the different social media channels and the website. I develop campaigns, create designs, write texts and many more things. This year I set the goals for myself to create a house style for ESN The Netherlands and develop a strategy for Communication for the different channels used by ESN The Netherlands. Furthermore, I represent ESN and the International students living in the Netherlands towards different institutions, the National Agency and partnering organisations. I often meet with the 2 big student representation organs in the Netherlands, so voice the opinion and the problems of International students. I'm responsible for the Annual International Student Survey. The focus point this year for me is building stronger relationships with the National Agency, the student representation organs and partnering organisations. 

ESN offers me a possibility to develop myself by giving back to the international community and meeting amazing people. I believe in a Europe as a please for cultural exchange and by getting to know many different cultures I got a broader perspective on the world. ESN has given me so much, that as I National Board member I'd like to give back to the network by supporting the section and representing the international students to organisations and institutes in the Netherlands.

Besides my ESN work, I'm a Clinical Psychology student. I'm turning 24 this year and I hope to finish my masters during my National Board mandate. I live in the beautiful city of Utrecht in a student house with 9 flatmates and a cat. I love sailing and I'm in the process to transforming my room into a jungle (I just love plants <3). 

Feel free to contact me at educationofficer@esn-nl.org for any questions regarding communication or external representation.