‘Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline.’

Hello everybody!

I hope you found your way in The Netherlands and that you are ready for your new adventure! My name is Ivona, and I am the Communication Manager of ESN The Netherlands for 2019/2020. I am 23 years old and currently studying Communication and Information Sciences. Both my parents are from Croatia, but I am born and raised in The Netherlands. During my previous study, I did an internship in Cyprus and a study exchange in Spain, in which I got familiar with ESN. After returning from Spain, I wanted to contribute something to ESN. I started as Promotion Coordinator on National Level in 2018/2019. Throughout the year, I saw the importance of ESN in my own country, but also the passion and dedication of each volunteer to make international students their experience unforgettable and give them a new, loving home. This, made me love the network even more, and made me apply for the National Board as Communication Manager. And here I am!

As Communication Manager, I will be in charge of constructing and maintaining the Visual Identity of ESN in The Netherlands, maintain the media channels (did you like are Facebook page already and do you follow us on Instagram?) and support our sections in their visual communication. Besides my main responsibilities, I will be in charge of the PR Committee, who will help me with my main responsibilities and the Culture Coordinators, who will work on the Culture Cause of ESN!

Hopefully you will all enjoy your time in The Netherlands and will feel the magic power of our ESN Sections!