Isanya Köhne


Let it rain, let it rain! Welcome to fall; a period of many clouds, much rain, yellow and orange leaves, and a crazy amount of hot drinks. At plenty of places on earth fall is known for those particular traits, but in the Netherlands it is mostly characterised by the rain. You will see many people switch to taking their cars to work, but the majority of students will still hop on their bicycles, even when weather is bad (but hey, do we have another choice?). And how to survive this rainy and grey period in this small country? Well, we have got the perfect survival guide just for you!

1. Behold, your armor for the wet and cold; the rainsuit.
A rainsuit might make you feel a bit clumsy and it is not the most stylish piece of clothing, but it will save you from sitting completely soaked in class the whole day. Brands such as H&M and Zara tend to include more rubber in their fall collections, attempting to make the raincoat or suit a bit more fashionable. But, at the end of the day, no one will be paying attention to what you are wearing in this type of weather, so a simple Hema raincoat or online poncho will suffice. 

2. Cozy up!
As the weather gets wet and cold, it calls to get cozy. Get together with your friends indoors, whether that be at a restaurant, cafe, or home. There is nothing better than being in a warm environment, while it is pouring outside. Grab a movie, or some drinks, and enjoy each others company. During fall, many indoor areas such as the cinema and cafes will have special deals, many for students. And even though were not specifically known for a hot drink, there will be plenty of places where you can grab the popular pumpkin spice latte or cappuccino to warm up. Sounds quite 'gezellig', not?

3. Taste the season. 
When it comes to fall food, the Dutch whip out one of their favorites; stampot, which literally means "a mashed dish". If you are unfamiliar with the preparation and prefer not to try making it alone, grab one of your Dutchies and make it together. This dish can be very versatile. Usually the main ingredient is mashed potatoes and that can be combined with anything else. Carrots, kale, cauliflower, you name it. After mixing it all together, you can add some milk, cheese, and a sausage, and voila, you have got your own Stampot. During the colder times in the Netherlands, such as fall and winter, this tasty dish gets made pretty frequently. Beware, that it is known as a home-made dish, so ordering it at a restuarant would be a rarity. And what better sounds better than cozying up with your friends and making some stampot?

4. Head out.
If you enjoy being outside, this could be an interesting paragraph for you. As the days become shorter, and the layers of clothes become more, there are just a few people who like to head out during those days. We know how comfortable it is, to sit on your couch with a nice cup of tea, but we most certainly advice you to also go explore the country. Many cities turn into a beautiful, lit up place where you can roam around and take mesmerizing pictures. Keep an eye on Tripadvisor for the best fall recommendations when heading out. Maybe you can try some Bossche Bollen in Den Bosch, or some hot chocolate in a fancy cafe in Amsterdam. Or even go to one of the many forests that it has to offer. Believe us, it is worth the adventure!

Whatever you will like to do in the fall, we advice you to enjoy the weather (and the rain!) and the colourful environment here in the Netherlands. Fijne herfst!